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Security Questions (3)

Is my customer information securely stored?
Yes, definitely. Your customer information and all of your personal information are stored securely. No one else can reach except you. The information we provide is encrypted and stored in full encoded.
Are the threats in my computers harmful to the writing?
What kind of security do you have?

Tour Planning (5)

Can I enter a price while creating tour?
Yes, definitely. You can enter separate prices for each item and service that you have defined in the form of round trip package prices, age ranges, disabled and student discounts, and so on.
Can I define more than one course in the tour?
What can I define as vehicle of transport?
What are the types of accommodation?
Is there a tour schedule?

Customer Services (7)

Can I make customer payments over the system via the virtual pos credit card system?
Yes, you can charge your customers' payments by offering a 3D security guard.
Can I pay for each customer or group of customers as a single payment by credit card at a time?
Have I to create a record again for the customer that I registered earlier?
What does it mean to reach customer information?
What kind of reports can I list.
How can I cancel my contract types or cancel my contract exits?
What is a voucher card?

Visa and Passport (3)

Can I check the last validity of the passport?
The system automatically reminds you if your customer's passport is valid with the tour departure dates. Thus, you can extend your customer by warning.
Can I make tracking of document?
Do you have a list of special documents for the countries?

Operation (4)

What is the operation unit / module?
The operational unit can be called the field unit of your company. We can also call the team to provide customer satisfaction. This module allows you to track many of your customers' actions on the site, so that team members can fulfill customer satisfaction in a productive manner.
What is in the operation module?
Can I make a customer room change at a traveled hotel?
What is the operation schedule?

Pre-Accounting (4)

What can I do in the pre-accounting?
It is the part take place where many transactions to be transferred to general account.
Can I follow the collection process?
What is the price determination?
Can it be used like official accounting?

ERP (Administrative Affairs + Human Resources + Digital Business Process Management + DPC) (4)

What is DPC and what does it do?
DPC is the Data Processing Center. It is the part of the IT team in your company that enables the units to work easily with their requests.
What is Human Resources?
What is digital business process management?
What is Administrative Affairs and Purchasing?

Report and Form Design (4)

Can I design for accounting documents?
Yes, definitely. Apart from the ready-made forms and reports you need about your account, you can easily prepare designs with dynamic design.
Can I design visa and passport related forms?
Can I design custom forms for customers?
Can I design custom forms externally?