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Discover what you can do with a stronger website.


Everything in WEB

Your brand is much stronger with the Turasistan® Tourism Web Site. Improve your customer productivity with a variety of tools that will be available on your personalized website.


Tour Creation

Create tours, specify date and start date of publication, format with prices and lots of information.

Hotel Creation

Identify hotels and other types of accommodation, hand out pictures of your sketches and use them with all your specific tours.

Payment Options

Perform your receipts with transfer / EFT option or credit card payment from online payment methods. Enjoy your VirtualPOS comfort.


Manage Your Site

Using drag-and-drop techniques with unlimited action from your management screen and be at the forefront with your differences.

Page Management

Rather than navigating on fixed pages, with this way you can open pages as many as you want and increase your availability and give detailed information.

Menu Management

Rather than fixed menus, you can open unlimited number of menus and present ease of access. So you can put forward your effectiveness.


Blog Management

Write all of your articles and images that you would like to inform your visitors about your company and visitor activities.

Language Management

With our core architecture, your website gives you access to your customers with unlimited language. English, French, Arabic, German, Russian and more ...

Communication Management

Provide your visitors to access your company by contact information, map and contact form.