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Tourism and Hajj - Umrah Operation Management Software

Web-based application used all over the world and covering all tourism operations.

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What do you expect from a travel program to get even more with Turasistan ?


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You can easily create and manage your tours with the computers or smartphones you want anywhere in the world with Turasistan.

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Whatever your expectations are, there is a appropriate model for you in Turasistan.

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Just a few features that we think you might be interested in

Tour Planning

You can control and manage all processes from transport to accommodation. With the advanced tour creation wizard you can follow the transportation processes of the countries to be traveled.

Customer Services

Performing preliminary registrations and starting with customer registration information, you can perform very detailed checks up to the point of tour and accommodations.

Visa / Passport

You can solve online process management and integration actions of all visa / passport document requirement transactions that concern tour travels with a single click.


Operation Management

Plan every movement of domestic and international representatives. Easily check on completion of welcome, farewell and all other needs during your trip.


Create detailed reports for upcoming periods, knowing every step of the process from the lowest cost of the presented tour to the sale. Easily create invoices.

Process Management

All phases of your administrative works are at your control(e.g. warehouse management, stock tracking, purchasing, document management). Add value to your enterprise workflow management with Turasistan.


Dynamic Forms

You can design custom forms and reports as many as you want in unlimited imagery. In this way, compatible designs are prepared for every purpose.


You can authorize and control the access levels of the staff according to the specific groups that can be prepared.

Event Logs

Security is our principle. In this way, you will not be unaware of any record or operation. Displaying of deleted data is possible.


Hajj Software

You can design custom forms and reports as desired in unlimited formats. In this way, designs that are compatible with every purpose are prepared.

Umrah Software

You can authorize and control the access levels of the personnel to specific groups that can be prepared.

Tourism Accounting Software

Security is our principle. In this way, no records and operations are unaware. Deleted data can be displayed.

Boost your operations by strengthening your management

Why choose Turasistan ?

It helps small, medium and large tourism businesses to work with workflow process management, CRM and ERP integrations.

Web Based

It does not necessarily require use on the same computer. We provide access from every computer and mobile device.

Cloud Technology

We are innovators and we are always renewing. We offer "Next Generation Cloud Access and Security" technologies.


We do not leave you alone with our online support services, question and answer system and our Knowledgebase library.


Having to travel constantly and having the opportunity to follow our company business in Austria is why we prefer Turasistan. This system, which is made with a great effort and staff, provided us with the facilities of Hajj and Umrah as European company. All my team celebrations.
Mehmet Nazif BALTA, Manager
Okyanus Travel - Austria
As İsra Tourism, we would like to express our gratitude to you Turasistan Software Company for making this pilgrimage season more enjoyable than previous seasons.
Ali Kutlu, Manager
Bey İstanbul
We strongly encourage our esteemed colleagues to consider such a productive service and to try it as soon as possible, we who strive to progress in an innovative and innovative way.
Serkan Peker, Manager
HFD Tourism
We would like to let you know that we are very satisfied with the Turasistan program that you have given the service you have given in the name of Ensar Tourism and you have done so well.
Hakan TANIMAZ, Operation
Ensar Tourism


We continue to add value to the tourism sector with our strong partnerships with our solution partners