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Umrah Software


Umrah Software Solutions

Hajj and Umrah business travel agencies every season, looking for ways to manage hundreds of customers easily. But this is not always easy. Traditional methods can only lead to more complicated work, while modern solutions save lives. In this sense, the Hajj and Umrah Software that Turasistan has developed for the travel agencies is helping you.
Our simple and useful software, specially developed for hajj and umrah, has been prepared to meet all the needs of travel agencies, especially those doing this hajj.

Simply Manage your Hajj and Umrah Tours

Our professionally developed software meets all the requirements of travel agencies. With the integration that can be done very fast with all the visa companies, you can offer fast and practical visas to the customers. In addition, the customer, dealer, tours and transfers can be done in a very simple way on our screen. Moreover, you can also report quickly from the reports screen.

Some Characteristics of Turasistan Umrah Software;
  • Customer Management
  • Tour Management
  • Visa / Passport Procedures
  • All kinds of Accounting Transactions
  • Ticketing Procedures
  • Quick Reporting

Apart from these, we will be able to respond to any requests that our agencies will request from us with our professional team and we will be fulfilling their requests in the fastest time possible.

General Features of our Umrah Software;
  • Planning
  • Customer service
  • Visa-Pasap is
  • Accounting
  • Collection
  • Company Operations
  • Human resources
  • Website Integration
  • Online Customer Registration and Collection
  • Bank Online Payment Integration
  • Profit Loss Calculator. Cost Status

What is Umrah?

In our Umrah software, "What is umre?" The answer to the question can be found on this page. Umrah word means "to visit". Muslims visit the Kaaba without adhering to a certain time. In these visits, they must enter the grant, make Sa'y and circumambulate the Kaaba. This worship is sunnah in our religion.

What is Umrah Software?

Umrah software is a software that can be used by all tour and travel agencies providing umre service and facilitating their business. With this software, agents can manage all their customers very easily from a single panel. In addition, they can manage their visa / passport transactions and manage all the accounting works of their companies from the same panel.