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Sectors addressed by Turasistan
Tourism Sectors and Types of Tourism
  1. Recreational tourism: It is a type of tourism based on the evaluation of leisure and leisure time. Attractions such as Antalya, Bodrum are visited.
  2. Sports Tourism: People who are interested in sports go from one place to another to observe sports encounters. Stuck team matches, World championship ......
  3. Cultural Tourism: To see the natural and cultural values of the countries, to see the folklore and to participate in the cultural events. Ephesus Festival, Film festivals ..
  4. Religious Tourism: It is a sightseeing trip made to see places which are regarded as sacred places in terms of religion. Mecca, Medina, Konya, Ephesus, Jerusalem ......
  5. Business Tourism: Trips that business people have made. Visits to places such as fairs and fairgrounds.
  6. Political Tourism: It is a sightseeing that statesmen and various politicians have done.
  7. Congress Tourism: Activities such as congresses, seminars, conferences held in international quality.
  8. Family Tourism: Visits made to visit friends and relatives. Especially during religious holidays there is an increase in family tourism.
  9. Health Tourism: It is a sightseeing tour aimed at getting people's health, treatment, and taking advantage of nature's healing properties.

According to Number of Participants

Individual Tourism: It is a type of tourism in which the student, the newly graduated school and the rich young people are in majority, and the participants are traveling individually and meet their needs.

Group tourism: The number of people from various social groups is the type of tourism they make between 11 and 16 communities.

Mass tourism: A type of tourism that is composed of large mass groups and usually consists of package tours.

According to the age of the participants

Youth Tourism: Young people aged 15-24 participate in tourism without the mother, father and other relatives. The attractions are more adventure and active, changing places.

Middle Age Tourism: It is the name given to individuals who are between 25-54 (64) years old to participate in tourism. The trip time of this section is usually summer and places of the summer.

Third Age Tourists: 55 (65) are the group of individuals with ages above age. Their preferences are relaxing and health related.

According to Socio-Economic Status of the Participants

Social Tourism

Social tourism is a type of tourism that is born from the fact that the weaker economically active masses participate in tourism activities by means of special measures and facilitators. The criterion in social tourism is economic power. In this group:

   • Workers
   • Officers
   • Retirees
   • Young people
   • Physical disability
   • Farmers
   • Tradesmen and Craftsmen

The main features of social tourism are low price, lack of profit motive and mass consumption.

The purposes of social tourism can be summarized as follows:

   • Expanding the judgments and values ​​of people, especially the working people.
   • Gain a habit of self-comparison and social cohesion with other people
   • Improve the rapport and friendship with other nations' nations as it allows them to know their country's people
   • Living in peace is transforming into a knowledge that reaches mass
   • Ensuring social equality, spreading it within the socio-economic structure
   • Creation of an active living environment for the elderly
Work carried out to develop social tourism:
   • Holiday credits
   • Discounted prices on transport vehicles
   • Use of special travel or holiday vouchers
   • Vacation by installment
   • Connection between accommodation facilities and social tourism individuals
   • Establishment and dissemination of saving funds
   • The use of student dormitories especially for youth tourism as a holiday resort during holidays
   • Public use of public cams

Luxury (Selective) Tourism

It is a type of tourism that is unique to high income groups. Individuals travel with hostels and transatlantic accommodation with all the comforts of a rather expensive accommodation. Among the types of tourism that these types of groups have the greatest reputation are hunting tourism, gambling tourism and so on. come first.

Tourism by the Objectives of the Participants

Sea Tourism: It is a type of tourism where people demand sea, sand, solar triumph.

Congress Tourism : It is the tourism movement which is aimed at congress.

Health Tourism : A tourism movement that is made especially for the places where thermal resources are found for health purposes.

Farm Tourism : It is the tourism movements that people make in the green areas to get rid of their rural aspirations.

Hunting Tourism : This type of tourism is aimed at individuals who want to hunt.

Golf Tourism : It is a type of tourism that elite people realize.

Caravan Tourism : Staying at the desired places and being cheap makes this tourism attractive.

Religion Tourism : It is tourism movements for centers with religious importance.

History Tourism : It is the tourism movements that are made towards places of historical importance.
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